International Health and Education was founded over a quarter of century ago, by a group of physicians, researchers and health professionals from different corners of the world to help support their prevention and alternative, nutritional, medical efforts with a reliable, ethically made line of nutritional products and supplements that could help them and their patients with access to the best medical care.

With the expertise of nutritionists and medical doctors, a professional line of products combining the purest ingredients was developed. Supported by clinical research, a state of the art nutraceutical supplementation arsenal became available. From its origins to this day, a dynamic interaction between doctors, and other health and nutritional professional have never stopped reviewing the quality and performance of the products and of course improving on them when they have found opportune information and always creating formulas that face present day health challenges.

International Health products provide the tools for building a strong body, a strong immunity and thrive in the 21st century. We honor our customer loyalty creating a relationship that will last a lifetime!